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Water and surface air disinfection is necessary to protect the human body from infection by harmful microorganisms like bacteria, virus, fungi and protozoa. Water-based disinfectants are more effective in removing contaminants than surface air or waterless methods. Therefore it is essential to select the disinfectant that is most suitable for the intended use and the extent of contamination. Here are some of the latest innovative solutions for disinfection:

UV Technology: A patented solution from a leading water and surface air cleaning company uses ultraviolet (UV) light to destroy microorganisms. Unlike chlorine, bromine or iodine, UV light destroys microorganisms through the skin and the eyes. UV technology is also more sensitive than other disinfectants, which means it can remove cysts, viruses, fungi, parasites and carcinogens. This ultraviolet germ killer has been found to be highly effective against infectious diarrhea and dysentery, particularly in developing countries. The ultraviolet germ killer is now used in water and surface air disinfection.

Vaporubilizers: Vaporubilizers are water based and extremely effective. These vapourifiers convert volatile organic compounds (VOCs) into harmless and environmentally benign carbon dioxide. Studies have shown that vapourubilization releases more ozone than air ionizer systems.

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UV technology

Kinetico filters: Kinetico is an effective and advanced water filtration system. It uses activated carbon to remove chlorine, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), mercury and lead. The filter provides ion exchange, which reduces the negative impact of VOCs on the human body. It is highly efficient and has been found to be superior to reverse osmosis. It is a green technology.

UV technology-min

Air Duct Cleaners: Air Duct Cleaners is useful in many ways including air purification and water purification. A duct system collects dust, pollen, allergens, smoke and other pollutants from the air. They are then disposed of in a safe manner. Ducts need to be regularly cleaned and maintained for effective operation. Air Duct Cleaners can be used as surface air and water disinfection solutions.

Innovative solutions

Humidification Systems: Humidification systems use water and / or salt to create a moist environment in which bacteria grow. This kills microorganisms. Humidification can be effective in closed systems such as whole house humidifiers. It can also be effective in open systems such as whole house air cleaners. It has been found that it is effective in reducing airborne bacteria, dust mites, spores, pollen and other pollutants.

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Vaporumes: Vaporumes are a specific type of cleaning agent. Vaporumes are composed of gaseous and liquid chemicals. Many of the existing systems available today have the compressor discharge the vapor into the air. The vapor is sucked into the system. It is these vapors that are most effective in air cleaning and removing dust particles from the air.

Clean solutions for disinfection

Water Disinfection Systems: Water disinfection systems are generally not as effective as the other methods mentioned above. The reason is because they use tap-water to clean the air and drain water out of the pores in the air ductwork. Most bacteria grow in wet environments and water is one of the wettest environments available. The use of water can actually increase the number of anaerobic bacteria in your home.

In order to remove the anaerobic bacteria from the air and water, you would need to have a submicron filtration system. Unfortunately most systems available do not have this type of technology. Water disinfection through the use of water is effective in drying the contaminants from the air and water. It is also effective in killing spores and germs that may be present in your home.

All of these systems available only clean the air. They do not remove all the contaminants present in the air. The fact is that there are thousands of different types of germs and bacteria that exist in the air. You cannot expect to clean with a system that only cleans the air. Your home will continue to be a breeding ground unless you take additional steps to prevent disease.

Air Disinfection

Surface Air Disinfection: This is the most commonly used method of surface air cleansing. There are two ways that this can be accomplished. The first way is by mechanical means. There are some devices that use an ionization coating to remove particles that have a large surface area such as spore particles.

The other effective method is with the use of a charged surface. Some of the devices use water and charge it with an electric current to create a surface charged with hydrogen peroxide. This water is then used to help kill bacteria and germs.

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