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The best place to find the right independent advice before committing to a financial adviser is to go online. The internet has made it much easier for people to research and find the financial adviser that best suits their needs. Instead of relying on word of mouth the independent adviser has now taken over from traditional sources.

One of the main advantages of using the internet to get independent advice is that you have the added benefit of being able to compare different services side by side. When you seek out advice from a financial adviser there are usually three main options. Firstly you can contact a physical business, which is often the best way to go. Secondly there are websites which cater for individuals and thirdly you can contact an Independent Advisor. This is the most convenient method but does mean that there may be a small fee attached to this service. Independent advisers will normally charge around ten per cent of the total cost of any financial product.

When going online to make use of independent financial advisers, you are firstly given the opportunity to look at testimonials and case studies. Many people are keen to see what other people have to say about the particular company. This is because they are likely to be more interested in seeing that others have had success with the particular product or service. Independent financial advisers will have very good customer testimonials and will therefore be seen as an important source of information when looking to make a decision. In many cases people will want to know how much experience the independent financial adviser has in relation to the specific financial products and services they have requested help with.

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When deciding which independent financial advice is best for you will also want to make sure that you fully understand all of the terms and conditions associated with the advice. You may be required to sign a contract of some kind. Reading this contract very carefully will help ensure that you understand all the costs, fees and additional expenses that will be involved before agreeing to the independent advice. In addition there will often be a small additional fee charged if the advisor agrees to your request.

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A very important thing to remember is that all financial advisers, including those offering independence, should operate within the rules and regulations set out by OfSFA. The FSA works to protect the interest of consumers and to ensure that the protection and interests of customers are protected. It is essential for consumers to check that the independent advice is being provided by a broker or agency that is licensed to operate in their country.


Financial advisers can only offer advice on financial products that are available in their own country. These include commercial insurance and investment products such as bonds, shares and companies’ equities. It is not possible for an individual to offer independent advice on financial products that are not regulated by law in their own country. However, there are some institutions that are able to offer the services of advisers who are not regulated by OfSFA. These institutions are referred to as offshore advisers. It should be noted that there are some risks associated with working with these types of advisers.

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One thing that people may wish to consider when considering whether they require the services of an independent lawyer is whether they would feel comfortable engaging the services of a lawyer who is not connected to their firm or to the company that employs them. In many instances it is more comfortable and advantageous to hire an individual who is not connected to the individual giving the advice. This is especially true when it comes to personal and professional relationships. A third party, who is not affiliated to either the individual providing the independent legal advice or the company providing it can still provide good, valuable advice. However, the cost of the advice may become more expensive if the third party is not affiliated to either the person seeking the advice or the company providing it.

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There is a perception that lawyers and solicitors who are considered to be full-time professionals are automatically some of the best professionals to engage when it comes to providing independent professional financial advice. This is certainly not the case. Many solicitors and advisers who are considered to be full time professionals offer their services on a part time basis. Part time professionals also have a great deal of flexibility in terms of working hours. There are a number of other factors that come into play when evaluating the need for an independent adviser, whether they be a solicitor or a barrister, to be independent.

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