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Somatic healings are an alternative medicine approach that uses the body’s own healing ability to treat and relieve physical and emotional trauma. Its popularity has blossomed in recent years as more people have come to realize its healing benefits. It can also be traced to the work of trauma therapist Peter A. Levine, who developed it in the early 1970s. Prior to that, most Western conventional medicine had no effective way of treating Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) due to the fact that it was not a physical problem but a psychological one. The American College of Forensic Psychology (ACF), which is a division of the American Psychological Association, is where somatic therapies got their start.

People often confuse somatic healing with bodywork because both therapies utilize physical work to heal the body but somatic therapy focuses more on restoring the body to a state of optimal health. Surgical and pharmaceutical interventions are used less and massage is used instead. The goal of somatic therapy is to restore health through addressing pain, releasing stress, relaxing and centering the mind, as well as releasing the body from toxic and chemicals imbalances. This type of therapy has been proven to reduce levels of stress hormones and increase the release of chemicals that control energy, blood pressure, and metabolism.

Ariereal is a style of somatic therapy developed in the late 1970s by trauma expert, Paul Robinson. Abreva, a company owned by Robinson, developed a system of twelve modalities (or modalities as they are sometimes referred to) that were based on the theory of expanding light, an ancient belief that had been around for thousands of years. These twelve methods had been developed for various healing traditions and each was designed to deal with a particular part of the body. They combined the results of the various modalities in order to produce a comprehensive therapy.

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Expanding light retreat

The concept of expanding light was originally developed to help those who had been involved in glaucoma. Patients in the early days of ariereal therapy had suffered blunt strokes that resulted in retinal loss, which causes blurry vision. They experienced significant changes in their vision, which was initially attributed to the flaps of scar tissue that remained after a stroke. In more recent years, people with neurological disorders have also benefited from this form of therapy. Many patients with stroke, including those with retinopathy, have found significant improvement when they use this form of therapy.

Another advantage of ariereal therapy is that it can help reverse the effects of trauma. Some forms of somatic therapy, such as massage, have been known to have positive results. However, trauma and abuse have shown to result in severe changes to the body, such as the formation of scar tissue and reduced blood flow to the affected area. By using a form of somatic healing to reduce the stress caused by traumatic events, it may be possible to reverse some of the physical effects of the events.

Timeless beauty therapy

Reiki, or “spirit healing,” is based on a theory that an individual’s mind and body are connected. When one’s mind and body are separated, the individual’s ability to heal is reduced. By combining Reiki with bodywork or massage, a person can strengthen his or her own mind and body, enabling him or her to draw on powerful amounts of healing energy.


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Massage promotes circulation and stimulation of the lymphatic system, allowing the lymph fluids to drain from the body. By working with the energy system of the body, massage increases the efficiency with which nutrients are absorbed and used by the body. During a session, the massage therapist stimulates certain points on an individual’s body, allowing the lymph fluids to drain and rejuvenate the body. Often, this healing will occur within minutes after beginning a session. For this reason, massages are very effective at reducing the negative effects of stress on an individual’s health and well-being.

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Tami cook

Some forms of somatic therapy focus more on a person’s mind than his or her body. These types of therapies, such as Reiki, also work by stimulating the mind. A Reiki practitioner works with the mind’s energy system by transmitting focused, positive vibrations through the hands, creating an opening between the mind and body. In addition to improving an individual’s ability to heal himself or herself, these types of therapies also improve a person’s moods and feelings of well-being.

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