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Facebook has recently introduced two new applications into their popular social networking platform, namely the Night Shift Apps and the Privacy Center. The first one allows you to see all of your friends’ statuses and manage your notification accordingly while the second one does the same but for the “Big Brother” feature. In a nutshell, the Privacy Center helps you manage your Facebook account more efficiently by allowing you to hide any posts or comments that you may feel uncomfortable in by hiding them from the system preferences. However, it is the Night Shift Apps which can make things much easier for you. Here are some ways in which these two apps to help you get the most out of Facebook and your other social networking accounts:

When you activate the Night Shift Apps, Facebook will automatically switch off the display of the Newsfeed on your right-hand side of the page. Therefore, if you are logged into Facebook while sleeping, you will never be privy to everything that is happening across your home island. When you have this feature activated, you will not see any updates or postings from your friends or updates on your Contacts. You will only see updates that are posted by your head office (which includes your email and RSS feed). Thus, you are effectively prevented from seeing everything that happens around you as a user of Facebook.

When you use the Privacy Center, you will be in a state of night mode. This means that you will not be able to see posts and updates from anyone on your Friends list or any person’s statuses on your wall. This dark mode will help you stay away from unnecessary distractions and will help you get work done faster and with better focus. Therefore, if you need to check your email or browse through your Facebook wall, the night shift feature will help you with both of these activities while you are fast asleep.

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Night shift app

To help you stay awake all night, you should use three select Night Shift Apps. The first is Blue Light Status. This will turn your screen on at sunset and off at sunrise. If you are thinking about checking your email during the day, you will appreciate this feature. The second feature is Hides My Mac, which allows you to automatically hide your Mac at certain times of the day so you won’t accidentally wake it up when you are working. This is great for those who like to bring their laptop out to do some work or do some typing.

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The third Night Shift App is the blue light filter, which adjusts the color temperature of your screen based on the time of day. For instance, if you go to bed later than normal and then rise early in the morning, the color temperature of your screen will increase. Thus, you will be more awake than you would be if you had gone to bed earlier. The blue light filter also helps your eyes adjust to the changing light, which can help you stay awake for longer periods of time.

Facebook pixel activated 2 times

These Night Shift Apps works by adjusting the color temperature of your screen to a more comfortable level. Each of these apps has a different color temperature option. You can adjust them individually, or you can enable all of them for greater control. The system preferences for these apps allow you to select all three, or you can leave all of them on, with the last one being the lowest priority. However, if you want to select the lowest color temperature option, that choice will always be available.

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After you have enabled the Night Shift Apps, there are a few other steps you will need to take in order to get everything set up and running smoothly. One of those steps is to download the free Night Shift wallpaper wizard from the Apple website. Once you have downloaded the wallpaper wizard, you need to follow the directions to extract the images it requires from your computer. Then, you need to click on the images to copy them to your desktop. You can then drag and drop the images over to the Night Shift system tray icon to make the Night Shift screensaver active.

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As you can see, the process for configuring Night Shift Apps is quite easy and simple. You will find that the options for controlling the screensavers are right there at your fingertips, making configuration a breeze. Some people may prefer not to use the Night Shift screensaver, but the truth is that there are times when you will need this feature and you can’t afford to keep turning your computer off every time you need to use it. With the built-in 2 click access to Night Shift settings, it is easy to turn this feature on and go.

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