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For several years, I had a vineyard on the north side of town. We used all native species: crabapples, sycamore and clematis. As they grew old, we harvested them for the winter, used their foliage as mulch on our gardens, and we stored the fruits in wooden racks for the season. We never bothered to try to keep the trees healthy and we certainly didn’t prune them. One evening a storm came up and wiped out our entire grapevine, but luckily, the other plants and the fruit were still intact! A few days later, the imported clematis that we had sent from Italy appeared and filled the spot we had left, and the rest is history.

In Italy, plant a vineyard where there are existing trees. Vineyards can be built anywhere there are trees, hillsides or mountainsides – anywhere there’s a water supply. It’s quite easy to start such a venture: select the appropriate type of trees, plant them where you find them, add the required compost, and you’re off and running. We planted the scions of crabapples, clematis and cymbidiums on the northern end of the hill overlooking our little village. In due course, they spread like wildfire and provided succulent leaves on which to table as tasty dinner.

In the United States, it’s often hard to start a vineyard where the soil is not already suitable. In California especially, where it’s hot and humid, we needed a lot of sun and rainfall to support healthy vines. That’s why we chose San Joaquin valley – its fertile soils with plenty of moisture and shade from the hillsides. We used local plants, mostly native, that providing natural shade and food for the vineyard’s grapes. The result was an incredible crop that provided bountiful harvests all year round.

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Plant a vineyard

But after three years, the grapevines were showing signs of stress and decay. Vines that had been thriving for decades were suddenly weak, fragile and dying off. We tried everything: compost, fertilizers, hoses, pressure treatment… none seemed to work! That’s when we learned about rootstock replacement and how crucial it is to maintain a healthy trellis system.

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We knew that rootstock plays an important role in the health of a vineyard, but we had no idea that a trellis system can collapse if the plant is stressed and deprived of food and water. We didn’t consider the possibility that the rootstock might have somehow been infected with disease or parasites. In the case of the HVAC system at our vineyard, we had to deal with a rootstock collapse that jeopardized our entire production. Luckily, we had two trained professionals who could quickly establish what had gone wrong and how to remedy it. They also showed us how to protect the plant from future losses and learn from our mistakes so that we can avoid them in the future.

Inherited a vineyard

Fortunately, we had early warning that the HVAC system was failing. By the time we got the news, the damage was extensive and costly. We had to rebuild the whole graft union, not only on the trellis system but on all the vines. Had vines were growing in a healthy graft union, then there is a great chance that the plant would have continued to grow and flourish as it did.

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If we had known what we knew then, we could have preserved the plant instead of replacing it with a new one that failed after a couple of years. Had we known about rootstock deterioration, we could have avoided the collapse of the whole HVAC system. It may be possible to salvage a few healthy vines from the few dozen that were damaged. But the loss of a good portion of the main HVAC stock means that other rootstocks will also soon fail and the remaining vines will die off.

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Now that HVAC is in the spotlight again, it’s important to understand that the rootstocks that failed are just the tip of the iceberg. Many other factors contribute to HVAC failures. For example, if the building or facility has poor design or if the HVAC systems weren’t maintained well, the reasons for failure are different for each structure. However, if you have a good understanding of the types of threats to your HVAC systems, you can take steps to protect them and your health.

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