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greaterstlnorml – St. Louis NORML reforming marijuana laws

Medical marijuana is now legal in Missouri, but it is still illegal for anyone under age 18 to possess or buy marijuana plants. Anyone who is caught violating state law is subject to fines up to five thousand dollars or both. Smoking or cultivating marijuana can be a serious violation for anyone who does not follow state laws. Missouri citizens are encouraged to take part in this election year’s ballot measure. This is the only way to protect the rights of Missourians.

The easiest way to legally acquire marijuana is to patronize a licensed medical marijuana distributor. These stores are present in every major city and town across Missouri. They sell dried flower, pre-packed marijuana kits, pipes, grinders and other equipment needed to cultivate marijuana. Many of these shops also allow patients with serious illnesses to purchase marijuana from their shelves.

One of the main issues facing marijuana users today is keeping their flowers fresh and their buddle intact. Buds have to be preserved in airtight containers so that they do not dry out and turn brittle. To keep flowering buds fresh longer a person has to either clean or quarantine them. Some people choose to save their flowers in a plastic trash bag and simply throw the bag out after the flower has dried out completely. Others attempt to grow their own marijuana flower garden in order to have consistent flower harvests.

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Missourians for a new approach

In addition to the three types of marijuana, there are also differing degrees of certification for those who wish to legally obtain the drug. Those who are seeking a recommendation from a doctor will need a valid medical marijuana use certification from a licensed health care provider. Certification is also required for anyone who wishes to purchase or sell the drug, or grow it on their own property. Those who are involved in the manufacturing or cultivating of the drug need a state-licensed grower’s license and have to register with the state before they can begin processing transactions. Those who are growing marijuana for personal use need only a valid card and a valid identification card from the local government in which they live in order to purchase or sell marijuana.

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All of the information about a marijuana grower and a processor must be reported to the Department of Health upon discovery of any criminal activity by such employees. All employees are also required to complete a registry inspection at the end of each year in order to maintain a valid certification to work as a medical marijuana processor or grower in Missouri. Anyone who fails to meet the requirements for certification can be reprimanded by the state licensing board.

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In addition to providing medical marijuana to qualified patients, many caregivers are taking it a step further and offering it to those patients who want to treat themselves without having to visit a licensed provider. A number of companies are now processing paperwork in preparation to open “aicous plants” or grow marijuana on-site in homes and offices. These caregivers are meeting the needs of both patients and doctors by providing the drug in oral form and growing it in plant containers on-site.

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new approach missouri petition

When opening an “aicous plant” it is important to follow all local regulations. Some cities do not allow for retail sales or distribution, so only licensed dispensaries will be able to process card applications at the point of sale. Some municipalities have also threatened to shut down illegal medical marijuana clinics if they become too popular. Therefore, anyone considering this option needs to conduct careful research in order to find a city that will allow for the regulation and operation.

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While some cities and counties have voted to regulate the sale and distribution of cannabis, there are still a few states that face an uphill battle in terms of securing tax dollars for the implementation of programs. Those states include Arizona, Connecticut, Maine, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, Oregon, and Washington. Therefore, in order to receive state tax dollars, many of those states will need to implement some sort of plan that regulates the facilities and patients, as well as the facilities themselves. Those in favor of full legalization of medical marijuana have expressed optimism regarding a solution that will solve issues regarding safety, taxation, and distribution, while limiting supply.

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